Updates to Kalua: Multiple calendars and recurring events

The initial announcement worked well for me and relieved me of quite a few worries. And that motivated me to hack on two features that were really important to me:

Multiple Calendars

You can now create as many calendars as you like and give every one a unique color. Events belong to a calendar and get displayed in their calendar’s color.

This one was quite important to me, as I want to distinguish between private and business-related events at a glance.

Recurring events

Kalua now sports a very simple (and probably naive) implementation for events that reccur every day, week, month or year. Again, that is standard and nothing exciting, but it allows me to store birthdays and all my weekly appointments.

What’s next?

The two features were the missing pieces for making the software useful for my own purposes. There is still one problem I want to solve, sharing of calendars, but that is probably a bit more complicated, so I might concentrate on other things first.

You can help me by test-driving Kalua (it takes less than two minutes to create an account at kalendr.net), post bug reports and feature requests to the github issue tracker and vote on feature requests there.


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