Kalua Version 0.1.0 released

I have bragged about releasing early, but have not actually made something you could call a release. Until now.

I just released Kalua Version 0.1.0. Not much has changed, but at least it is something to measure the coming progress against. Also, it feels good to finally have a release version.


Instead of concentrating on what Kalua cannot do (yet), as I have done until now, let’s see what it can do:

  • Add, edit and delete events/appointments in your browser, most of the time using a beautiful JS calendar widget (Adam Shaw’s FullCalendar)
  • Simple recurrence of events.
  • Manage different calendars and have events of each calendar displayed in different colors.
  • Configure (two) different date/time formats and your local time zone.
  • Import and display iCalendar data from the web (e.g. to display events from your Google Calendar).

A Big Thank You

A big Thank You goes out to Adam Shaw, for his wonderful Calendar widget, to @duckattack and @zeisss for early alpha testing and valuable feedback and to Rick DeNatale for saving me a lot of headaches.

Try It Out

Test drive Kalua all you want at kalendr.net or download the source at github and install it yourself.

Either way, feedback is appreciated. Please use the Issue Tracker at github to post bug reports and/or feature requests.


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