New version of Kalua; SSL for

One of my clients managed to trash a website installation I was slated to work on today. That left me with some time to hack on Kalua.

I made a few small changes:

  • Bumped versions of Rails and the Javascript libraries
  • Fixed my pet peeve after using Kalua for some time now: When creating events you can now choose the corresponding calendar.
  • Made some “design” tweaks. I am pondering investing in a “real” web design for Kalua/, but please do not hold your breath…

All in all this is not much, but I decided to release a new version (0.1.1) anyway. Get it at the github project page.

SSL for

In related news, has finally got an SSL certificate and I decided to make the service SSL-only. I would not expect anything less if I used a similar service from some other provider so this was actually long overdue.


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