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Announcing Kalua and kalendr.net

After leaving my company last year and starting to do freelancing jobs, I started several side-projects that never saw the light of day. On some I simply lost interest, others are only stalled. It was getting on my nerves that nothing I started seemed to work out within a reasonable timeframe and at the same time the freelancing took up more and more time.

This meant I had to change my tactics, lower my own expectations and get rid of my perfectionism. So I worked towards pushing out something. It is not a lot really, but I do believe in “Release Early, Release Often”, so I am confident, that something might grow from this. So without further ado, I present to you:

Kalua – a free (as in speech), light-weight, web-based calendar

Kalua is my aKalua Screenshotttempt to build a light-weight, web-based calendar for my everyday use. I do not wish to take on Google Calendar, but rather build enough functionality to cater to my own humble calendaring needs.

As I said, it is not much, that I have released. In fact, it is ridiculously little. But I am lucky to be able to base my work upon two wonderful frameworks (Ruby on Rails and jQuery) and a ready-made client-side calendaring widget, Adam Shaw’s jQuery FullCalendar. I owe Adam a lot. He showed me, it was possible to have a decent open source calendaring experience in the browser. And everything that currently works in Kalua is probably due to Adam.

I hope, over time that I can grow the project to become more than a trivial backend to FullCalendar. To get there, I will start using Kalua as my one and only calendar starting today. I will feel the pain and hopefully find the motivation to make it go away.

Kalua is free software, released under an MIT-License. The source and the issue tracker can be found on github: http://github.com/oneiros/kalua

If you want to test-drive Kalua, you can do so at


If I want to use Kalua regularly I need it available on the internet somewhere. So why not open it to everyone, hoping it may help someone and attract some people who are willing to help out with the project? That is what I thought early on when I had the idea for the project and that is why I created kalendr.net.

At the moment kalendr.net is not much more than a playground for testing Kalua and its deployment. It is open for the public, so feel free to register, but keep in mind that this is pre-alpha software without many features you probably expect and need. In the beginning I will update the platform frequently, so there will be downtimes. Plenty of them. Oh, and there is no backup or anything. So, you probably should not try it. But if you still want to, you are welcome.


I think I have sufficiently described the very early stages of this project, but let me state this again: Kalua/kalendr.net are not even a version 0.1 right now. The list of shortcomings is long and includes:

  • Apart from FullCalendar and jQueryUI eyecandy, it is ugly as hell
  • No support for recurring events (Update 2010-10-11: simple recurrence now available)
  • No calendar sharing
  • No export/import/syncing whatsoever
  • No I18n and only very limited L10N
  • No <enter your favourite calendar feature here>
  • No tests
  • No SSL for kalendr.net
  • and so on…

So, you are still here. Thanks for that ;)


Feel free to go ahead, fork the project over at Github and send me wonderful pull requests. But, seriously, I doubt that this is interesting for anyone right now. There just is not enough code to base ones work on.

I would however really appreciate bug reports and feature requests in the Github project’s issue tracker. If you have a feature request that is already in there, please vote on it. This helps me prioritize.

The Future

I have no idea, what this project will lead to, but I sure am committed to make it at least suitable for my own everyday use. And I am confident that this might lead to something that is also useful for others. Also, it might inspire others to enhance it in a way that everyone benefits from. Either way, I am looking forward to it and so should you. So stay tuned!